• Simple, fast check in
  • Customized parent & child badges
  • Attendance Records
  • Photo directory
  • 100% Free

Efficient Check In

Families check in on arrival. It is so simple the kids normally do it at your sign-in kiosk. Three clicks and they are done. Since the system is web based, tech savy parents can check in on their mobile device and their badges are waiting when they arrive!

Custom Badges

You tailor the system to fit your church. You control who gets badges and what each badge looks like, including your logo. Kids are automatically checked into the right class based on their age or grade, and the paramaters of your ministry.

Accurate Attendance

Teachers can update the attendance in class. They know immediately if a child is missing, or failed to register. They can update attendance on their mobile device, or tick the daily attendance report on paper.

Visitors Welcome

Members bringing guests just enter their guest's first name. Visiting families simply register and indicate they are just visiting for the day. Personalized badges are printed for visitors as well.

Photo Directory

Snap photographs of the children and compile a photo directory. Include personal remarks to help teachers learn names and personlize care for the children.

Detailed Reporting

Reports are included to help track attendance over time, identify newcomers and spot families whi have been absent. Weekly emails are sent to you to indicate who has a borthday coming up and who has visited for just the second time.

100% Free

eCheckIn is provided as a ministry to strengthen the community of faith. It is completely free, without limits, obligations or advertising. Set-up takes two minutes. Badges are printed on a Dymo 450 LabelWriter, available from office supply stores for around $100. Once you are set up, you can tailor your classes, upload your photos and logo, and make your badges unique to you.